Parisian fashion house CHANEL reinforces top label status through playful, practical use of lighting

July 2006 saw the opening of a CHANEL makeup studio at Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, UAE. The makeup boutique is CHANEL�s sixth of its kind worldwide, a place where the fashion conscious can gather for a makeover as well as access to exclusive makeup products and professional makeup accessories.

CHANEL sought to showcase their makeup collection in a contemporary, playful and interactive environment, one both attractive to shoppers and optimal for the application of makeup. Martin Professional Middle East provided a dynamic lighting solution - mood as well as practical application lighting - using 38 Martin Architectural Cyclo 04 DMX fixtures. The Cyclo 04 is an RGB plus white T5 fluorescent color changer capable of generating nearly all colors or white light of any color temperature.

Besides serving as visual enticement from the Mall, the Cyclo 04�s provide the studio with essential colors and color temperature useful for makeup application - candle light, fire light, evening light, office light, daylight, etc. Lighting control is simple and is handled via a Martin 2510 playback controller.

Fidaa Baddour, Marketing Manager for CHANEL � UAE, stated, �The basic element and the main focus of makeup is lighting. At CHANEL we say, �CHANEL Masters the Light,� and this appears not only through the use of Martin products. The lighting in the studio is unique and attractive and shows that the professionalism of applying makeup depends on light directly. We trust the Martin products to demonstrate all the colors we need and all applications required.�