Dubai Airport Emirates VIP Lounge
Alien 05 adds sophisticated shine to Emirates Airline VIP Lounge check-in area.

Martin Middle East is playing a part in the attention getting makeover having recently delivered an abundance of Alien 05 color changing downlights to the Dubai International Airport.

The compact color changing lights are located at the exclusive lounge area of Dubai-based Emirates Airlines - one of the fastest growing airlines in the world - and provide attractive backdrop projection to the Emirates Business and First class check-in area. The fixtures were supplied through and installed by Edison Electrical Lighting.

One of the many unique aspects of Emirates is their stunning lounge facility, designed to an extremely high standard. A complete state-of-the-art refurbishment included the installation of 128 Alien 05 color changers.

The Alien O5 is a recessed color changer offering a wide palette of replaceable tints along with the possibility of slow, smooth fading or fast color changes.

Stylish in design, the Aliens are recessed in three rows located directly behind the check-in desk. Positioned in the ceiling at a distance of app. 18 inches apart, the Aliens project changing shades of color onto a waved, metallic grille that serves as a backdrop to the desk area. A Martin 2510 playback controller manages the Alien fixtures.

The Martin Middle East staff completed the design, control solution and programming for the Emirates check-in lounge. The installation has transformed the static wall of gray into an animated and attractive backdrop, the focal point to the exclusive lounge area.