Bring Your Own Control Device

  • 23 Sep, 2020
TPControl BYOD is perfect for environments where dedicated touch panels are not suitable, such as outdoor areas or public spaces. BYOD is a single license that allows multiple users to access an AMX Touch Panel interface from their phone or tablet and take control of their technology and environment.


- Cross-platform support (iOS, Android, Win10)

- Fast and Feature-rich

- Cloud management and Support

How Does TPControl BYOD Work?

Once a TPControl BYOD license is allocated to a specific AMX Netlinx processor, the process is easy. A user simply needs to download the TPControl app from the iOS, Android or Windows store (depending on their mobile device), scan a QR code that is prominently displayed within the space, and the control interface will be presented for the user to operate the system as needed.

Simply download the app, scan the QR Code and you are up and running with an AMX control interface.

BYOD Diagram


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