Dubai International Airport Departure T3 - Police Control Room, Dubai, UAE


To provide real-time data sharing and collaboration networked visualization video wall engineered ecosystem solution for the Police Control Room in the Departure Area of Terminal 3.


Martin Professional Middle East deployed full solution of the Mitsubishi Electric video wall display system (22x2) with real-time software-based input sources streaming & control ware; and the display solution for the meeting and training rooms; and visitor area.


Dubai International Airport was completed and opened on 14 October 2008.  It was the largest building in the world and is currently the world's largest airport terminal.

Martin Professional Middle East has worked together with the consultant Dar Al Handasah, main contractor (DECO Emirates) and Dubai Airport Engineering division to install and deliver the Mitsubishi LED Display Wall solution, Xomnium software for the input streaming sources and network-based system integration.  The Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects (DAEP) requirement was to have a stable and state-of-the-art police control room in the Departure Area of Terminal 3. Mitsubishi Electric’s VS-WE120U with the Mauell Xomnium software were the practical options for the pivotal system requirements as VS-WE120U was the perfect example of high performance and solid reliability. Pushing those boundaries even further, the 120 WE Series displays deliver not just outstanding performance but impressively low total cost of ownership.

The LED light source offers 6X redundancy for total reliability and delivers a brightness up to 1160 cd/m2. Four preset brightness modes allow the optimum balance of performance and energy efficiency in a wide variety of applications. 120 Series displays include advanced Smart 7 features to ensure accurate colour and brightness balance is maintained across the entire video wall automatically.  In addition, the Smart Switch function in every VS-WE120U LED Projection Engine provides the redundancy required for mission-critical applications and continuous operation.

The Mauell Xomnium is a network engineered ecosystem for real-time data sharing and collaboration across multiple platforms. The Core Xominum system is designed to improve the onsite control room operation. The system is secured with extremely low latency video and data sharing across multiple devices. It allows the operation to interact with different data sources for improved multi-tasking and collaboration.

There were quite a few hurdles encountered during the project implementation.  The existing infrastructures compatibility was amongst them.  Not to mention that Dubai International Airport’s network is much secured and confidential therefore, there was due process for any changes that need to be done in the network.  But with the teamwork and cooperation of each stakeholder who was involved in the project, the requirement of DAEP and Dubai International Airport Terminal 3 was fulfilled.

Products Used

Mitsubishi 60” LED Display Wall Cubes 44 (22x2 configuration)
Xomnium software for the input source streaming, network-based system integration
Samsung Smart Signage Display for the Meeting room, Training room and Visitor Area