Martin Lighting’s New ERA Product Range: Feature-Loaded, Cost-Effective and ERAsistible!

  • 14 Jan, 2020

Martin Professional Middle East, the leader in professional lighting and audio-visual solutions is delighted to promote Martin Lighting’s latest ERA range consisting of the new ERA 400, 600 and 800 Performance, ERA 500 Hybrid IP65 and ERA 300 Profile lighting fixtures.

The new ERA Performance and Hybrid range offers a powerful, cost-effective solution for entertainment and rental applications. Designed to fulfill the demand for a bright, compact, all-in-one profile solution, the lightweight ERA Performance fixtures offer high-output LED engines and a wide array of features. The new fixtures deliver maximum value in three different sizes and output levels, covering everything from the smallest stages to the largest live productions and events.

“The release of the new Martin ERA 400, 600 and 800 Performance models ushers in the latest full range of Martin moving-head fixtures,” said Mark Buss, Martin Lighting Product Manager, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “These streamlined, no-nonsense LED fixtures give rental companies tremendous power, value and trusted Martin performance. They’re bright, compact and loaded with in-demand features and the ERA 800 Performance is the brightest profile moving head in Martin’s history.” 


The feature-rich ERA fixtures meet the current popular demand for a compact and powerful fully-featured moving head, capable of serving multiple roles. All three models feature full CMY color mixing and separate color wheels, plus an iris for beam adjustment and a full curtain framing system. Fixed and rotating gobo wheels, loaded with user-favorite gobos from the renowned MAC range, offering a wide variety of effects, especially when combined with the included prisms and frost filters. Additionally, the ERA 600 and 800 Performance feature variable CTO for color temperature adjustment.

Beside the Performance range, Martin is adding its first Hybrid IP65 outdoor moving head. The new ERA 500 Hybrid moving head fixture combines a powerful 1:20 zoom range and robust optics performance, including beam, spot, and wash modes, with high output, a wide zoom range, CMY color mixing and prism effects, all in a compact design. As a versatile fixture that offers renowned Martin user experience and IP65 protection, the ERA 500 is a durable and effective workhorse for any outdoor production, including concert tours, festivals, and other outdoor events.


The ERA Series’ full curtain framing system offers lighting designers a high degree of flexibility to achieve precise looks on stage. When fully focused, gobos can be nicely framed with a soft edge, and each of the four framing blades can cross the full beam independently for a complete blackout. The entire system can rotate, allowing designers to direct light exactly where they want it to go and achieve unique movement effects not otherwise possible.

With the new Martin ERA range, rental companies have the freedom to select the perfect LED profile moving head for any sized show or event.

The ERA Series is available at Martin Professional Middle East, Martin Lighting’s exclusive distributor in the Middle East.

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