Martin Professional Middle East Blends With Nature in Light Middle East 2019

  • 21 Oct, 2019

“Let the light roots deep into Nature” was the theme at the Martin Professional Middle East booth during the Light Middle East 2019 show at the trade center for a week during mid-October.

During the 3-day show, visitors and guests were amazed and entertained by the extraordinary design and concept of the booth, that portrait immersive content projected onto a real olive tree. The latest products by Martin and Barco were presented to accentuate the message Martin Pro wants to convey to its audience. The MAC Allure Profile and ERA 300 Profile are the latest moving heads.  The MAC Allure™ Profile features a novel RGBW light engine with unique 7-segmented beam control.  Martin ERA 300 Profile is a very compact profile fixture with an extremely efficient 260W white LED engine that produces a sharp gobo projection with a flat field.  Another new product highlighted during the show was the ELP CL (Color LED).  ELP CL ellipsoid fixtures deliver the class-leading luminance, output and vivid color rendering that you’ve come to expect from Martin.

It was very difficult not to notice the “live” olive tree that captured the attention of everyone.  Barco’s UDX-W22 projector did not only emphasize the olive tree but it gave life to it with the exceptional video mapping and projection technology.

Martin Pro Middle East always creates a unique and extraordinary design to illuminate its innovative products and solutions. A way to tell a story and that is one of consistency, reliability and most importantly durability.