Sharjah Bridge, Sharjah, UAE


Design and install an architectural lighting solution that would irradiate a significant and bustling bridge of Sharjah.


Martin Professional Middle East designed a lighting system using 150 Exterior Wash 300 and 14 Exterior Linear 1200 Graze by Martin (by Harman).

Sharjah Bridge is a 330-metre-long bridge constructed to provide direct access to Sharjah Airport for passengers coming from Sharjah and other Emirates.  The project is part of a series of development projects approved by Sharjah Airport Authority (SAA) designed to improve operational processes, increase capacity, and upgrade services that reflect Sharjah Airport as an important gateway to the world. It will also help to accommodate the rapid growth of passengers at Sharjah Airport.

Martin Professional Middle East was appointed by Al Marwan Contracting, the main contractor along with Sea Rock Technical Contracting, the MEP contractor to fulfill the requirements of the client which is the Government of Sharjah –Directorate of Public Works (DPW).  The objective was to highlight and emphasize the bridge without distracting the commuters and the traffic lights.

The tasks were quite challenging like the installation of light fixtures in some hidden locations, finalizing the network infrastructure and as mentioned the programming scenes that should not distract the commuters and the traffic signals.  In addition, Martin Pro ME programmed soft colors with subtle dynamic effects that will highlight the bridge during special events and occasions of UAE.

Products Used

Martin Exterior Wash 300 Fixtures, Martin Exterior Linear 1200 Graze Fixtures