Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Plaza Entrance Domes, Abu Dhabi, UAE


To provide a media façade lighting system that follows the curvature of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Plaza Entrance domes.


Martin Professional Middle East supervised the installation of the Martin fixtures to make sure that the items are being installed properly as per design.  They did the testing and commissioning of the Martin fixtures to check and approve the cable routing & termination of the BBD connectors.
In addition, the system configuration of the Martin items such as the mapping and addressing of all the Martin fixtures to the P3 processor, and to all the Martin luminaires to the media server.
Also, Martin Professional Middle East delivered four media contents as per quotation which is based on the client’s suggestion.


The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque located in Abu Dhabi, UAE is one of the largest mosques.  It features 82 domes where the design was inspired by the Badshahi Mosque.
The system consists of a video linear system installed across the two domes in clockwise and counterclockwise following the grid lines of Dome structure, using the Exterior PixLine 10 and linear LED video fixture for media facades and creative installations. The Exterior PixLine 10 can be combined with a wide variety of lenses and diffusers for the right look for every application. The system is controlled via a Martin proprietary P3 processor.  The P3 processor is a robust video signal processing and distribution unit that allows video to join with lighting and scenic technologies for true visual integration. A media server from Green Hippo is used to feed various video scenes that will run in sync across the two domes creating exquisite themes and interactive media content.
The Exterior PixLine can be installed in any orientation. The most evenly matched optical characteristics when viewing an installation from the side at an angle are obtained when all Exterior PixLine fixtures are oriented vertically, but unevenness will hardly be noticeable in horizontal strips, and then only when viewed from the side.
Also, it allows free airflow around the product and at least 10 mm (0.4 in.) of clearance around the front surface.
The Exterior PixLine 10 is coming in custom sections along with the aluminium mounting profile that will be bolted between the Y shape brackets holding the glass.

Products Used

Martin Exterior PixLine 10