Video Conferencing, the new Normal.

  • 30 Aug, 2020

Today’s workforce is more skilled than ever, bursting with ideas, and driven to succeed. However, collaboration and engaging face-to-face meetings can be a challenge, particularly with this pandemic.  All workplace is now more than in any time in history reliant on technology and the ease with which to share documents, communicate and collaborate is critical.  Most of the companies still prefer the work-from-home set up for their employees for everyone’s safety.  Thus, video conferencing is not just on the rise, it’s the new normal. 

ACENDO is the Solution to this Demand.


It is a collaboration product family designed with the IT professional and end-user in mind – easy to install, zero programming, and interfaces that behave exactly as you’d expect.

It delivers the key requirements in a single package.

The Acendo family solution focuses on delivering the best possible experience with the minimum input from the user.

Acendo Family of products is designed to work effectively as a single low cost solution to meeting space needs.

Book, connect and collaborate utilizing existing mobile and infrastructure technology.

Each of the products, Book, Core and Vibe have been designed so that they can offer great advantages to a user when deployed independently but designed to work together to create the full solution.


Acendo Core

Acendo Core enables a user to connect and collaborate in a space wirelessly, regardless of mobile device platform and no additional unique software or applications are required. Share documents or media from a mobile device, the local network or the cloud, allows users to take advantage of their chosen Unified Communications platform where a smaller meeting space can now offer the quality of experience and functionality of a traditionally larger more expensive video enabled space. The Acendo Core offers one click dialing into a video meeting along with other features that might usually come from having an in room PC with internet browser and file sharing capability.


Acendo Vibe

Acendo Vibe ensure the user can see and hear effectively. Users often have to make the choice between using a mobile device that comes with all of the connectivity and tools for a meeting but without the quality of experience because it is designed for personal usage vs a fully integrated room system that is often limited by the UC platform. Acendo Vibe is designed as a single bolt-on installed device that enables the user to gain a great 1 to many experience utilizing the platform flexibility of a mobile device. In its most basic form from an audio only perspective a user can connect a mobile device to the Soundbar using Bluetooth to instantly gain an experience from the microphone and speaker technology designed specifically for a meeting space. 


Acendo Book

Acendo Book lets a user create a booking for a space using a mobile device or computer in the same way a user would book another meeting with a person simply adding the room to the meeting. The booking is displayed outside of the meeting space on the Acendo Book panel showing relevant meeting information, including marking it private if needed. Acendo book focuses on removing the challenge and time to find a space to meet


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