Watch the New Video - Get to Know the New Martin MAC Aura PXL

  • 12 Jul, 2020

Control Down To The Pixel.

Watch the brand new product overview video to see the stunning MAC Aura PXL up close and at work. Bigger and brighter than the MAC Aura XB, the PXL features significantly higher intensity and a tighter beam. It’s also the first light with both a fully pixel-controlled Aura backlight effect and a pixelated beam.


- Multi-source wash light built on enhanced optical concept.

- The MAC Aura PXLs bigger “bubbles” provide a more appealing look.

- Full featured wash fixture with RGBW LED colour mixing and wide zoom Range.

- First wash light in the market featuring individual pixel control for main beam pixels and Aura back light.

- Ideal for rental customers and designers working in concert/touring, TV shows, corporate and high-end nightclubs.




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