Martin Exterior 600s part of unique outdoor lighting scheme at Middle East�s newest luxury hotel

Dubai, as one of the fastest developing and most progressive cities in the Gulf area, already boasts an abundance of unique architectural buildings, such as the Arabian Tower and Emirates Towers, not to mention some 27 five star hotels.

Now Dubai enjoys one of the most impressive exterior automated lighting installations in the Middle East. The new Fairmont Hotel has installed 160 Exterior 600 outdoor color changers from Martin Professional to add an eye-catching wash of color to the hotel�s four concave facades and rooftop turrets.

Located on one of the most modern streets in the Gulf area, the Sheikh Zayed road with more than 40 high-rise buildings, the client understandably wanted the Fairmont to stand out from the rest.

Apart from gently washing the building, automated lighting is used to give the hotel greater flexibility in the lighting scheme - for example, the possibility to paint various color schemes for festivals and other occasions. The installation has created a special atmosphere in which dynamic lighting is used as an extension of more functional illumination.

Lighting designers DHA Lighting Design Services, employed directly by His Highness Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, coordinated a proposal for the facade lighting which includes IP 65 rated Exterior 600s, fiber optic, recessed down lights and numerous floodlights all controlled via a Martin ProScenium, a visual DMX-512 lighting control package located on the 9th floor.

The building facade is made of alternating columns of glass and granite and is gently washed from both top and bottom on all four sides. The Exterior 600s were placed vertically on custom-made wall brackets on the 32nd and 9th floors.

Located on each corner of the building, four turrets of glass rise from the top of the hotel. These are highlighted from both inside and out using Exterior 600s. Consequently, the turrets are visible from all across the city and beyond. The rooftop Exterior fixtures employ a wide-angle lens with frost feature while the fa�ade positioned Exterior 600s are equipped with narrow 18-degree lenses.

Supplier of the Martin Exteriors was Nouran Trading of Dubai commissioned through Martin�s Middle East Agent Amac of Lebanon.