Future TV
Electronic ballast MAC 2000s combine with other MACs for Arabic version of The Weakest Link.

The electronic version of Martin�s MAC 2000, the MAC 2000E, has been installed in one of the major TV studios in Lebanon, Future TV.

Broadcasting worldwide via satellite in the Middle East, Europe and even the United States, Future TV produces a series of popular programs including the Arabic version of the popular game show The Weakest Link called Al Halaka Al Adaaf.

Broadcast twice a week, the lighting rig for Al Halaka Al Adaaf features 9 MAC 2000E and 12 MAC 500 profile spots, along with 6 MAC 300 washlights. Two Jem StageHazer foggers are incorporated into the show for added effects.

All equipment is controlled by the Martin Case II controller and was supplied directly by Martin�s Middle East agent, AMAC.