Kempinski Hotel
Located At Sheikh Zayed Road, kempinski Hotel constitutes one of the luxury Landmark Hotels in Dubai.

Offering stunning views of Ski Dubai and the surrounding area are charming chalets that form part of the Kempinski Hotel at Mall of the Emirates. Attached to the Mall, the Kempinski is a 400-room 5-star hotel that offers all the amenities you would expect from a hotel of its class.

The domes of the Kempinsky glow in an ever changing concert of color shades from Martin Architectural CMY colorchanging Exterior Series fixtures: 12 Exterior 600 Compact and 48 Exterior 200 with lighting control from a Martin ProScenium and Martin LightJockey. The Exterior fixtures were installed by Cinmar Lighting Systems with lighting design by Francis Krahe.

Because the domes sit at various levels and the luminaires are spaced at distances too great and impractical for DMX cable, Martin Professional Middle East proposed a wireless control solution using the Martin Wireless DMX 512 device. Located outdoors, two WDMX transmitters communicate with five WDMX receivers. All devices are protected from sun, water and corrosion by IP65 box covers.