Khalidiyah Mall
Dynamic color from Martin Exterior 1200 Wash� and Exterior 600� luminaires offer �something different� at high-profile mall.

Martin Professional Exterior 1200 Wash� color changing luminaires are being used to visually enhance the lengthy, anterior fa�ade of Abu Dhabi�s Khalidiyah Shopping Mall in the United Arab Emirates. Combining with Martin Exterior 600� color changers, the Exterior fixtures project a series of multi-chromatic shades onto the building�s modern Islamic architecture.

Emke group/Line Investments & Property Rising from Abu Dhabi's bustling new city center, Khalidiyah Mall is a high profile shopping center whose architectural design combines the traditional with the contemporary. The Mall�s concept goes beyond shopping to embrace leisure, entertainment and dining, and includes landscape features like fountains and a summer gardens. The 80,000 m2, two-story mall is the most ambitious project yet of the Emke group/Line Investments & Property who currently operate five shopping malls with more in the pipeline. Owners of the acclaimed retail chain of LULU hypermarkets, they have been active in the Gulf's retail sector for years. .

Dynamic boost Keeping in line with the Mall�s intent of boosting the economic profile of Abu Dhabi, an eye-catching exterior lighting scheme was sought. �We wanted to do something different that would enhance the building�s looks as the existing fa�ade lighting was not able to give the desired results,� commented Paul Mathews, Technical Coordinator of Line Investments & Property. �A demo was given by Martin Professional Middle East based on the requirement of the client and the lighting matched our expectations exactly.� The client chose Martin Professional�s Exterior range fixtures - Exterior 1200 Wash (1200 W) and Exterior 600 (575 W) � to dynamically illuminate the fa�ade in a variety of shades. The fixtures are pole mounted in the outdoor parking lot and DMX controlled via a PC-based Martin LightJockey� system. The Exterior Series fixtures - programmable IP65 rated luminaires with CMY color mixing systems, full-range continuous dimming and uniform distribution of light and color - were supplied by Martin Professional Middle East. The project was installed in August of 2008. Lighting design was a collaboration between Line Investments & Property and Martin Professional Middle East.

Something different �Because customers would like to experience something different, the color changing aspect of the luminaires is especially useful,� states Mathews. �To my knowledge this type of lighting has not been tried in any of the commercial complexes in Abu Dhabi. �We have received very good comments from customers on this new type of lighting and we have not faced any issues to date with the exception of a few teething problems in the initial period. �Because of the efforts of Mr. Bilal Assidi of Martin Middle East we finished all the work on time. Martin Professional has been very positive to work with and we have referred them for our upcoming projects.� The client is also quite satisfied with the result. Regarding the exterior lighting scheme, Nishanth K C, Maintenance Engineer at Khalidiyah Mall, stated, �The color changing lights have enhanced the look of the Mall and so far the performance has been good.� .