Mall of Emirates
Dynamic lighting reflects the contemporary, playful spirit of one of the world�s great shopping centers.

Mall of the Emirates located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is one of the largest shopping malls outside of North America. But that is not what makes it unique. Although the Mall features the usual amenities of a large shopping center, its claim to fame is something altogether new for a desert environment � specifically, a one-of-a-kind indoor ski complex.

Located in the heart of what is deemed �New Dubai,� this 223,000 m2 center offers a full range of shopping, leisure, and entertainment activities. Officially opened in November, 2005 it is home to over 400 retailers and features some of the most exclusive attractions you will find at any shopping mall, among them Ski Dubai; the five-star Kempinski Hotel; and Magic Planet, the largest indoor family entertainment center in the country; and much more.

Because Mall of the Emirates sought to further differentiate itself from the dozen or so other newly completed malls in Dubai and the surrounding emirates, Martin Professional Middle East, already responsible for some of the regions most distinguishing lighting solutions, was called in to provide an attention getting dynamic lighting scheme for several key areas.