Martin VC-Dots™: Pixel-level video creativity without the headache!
Posted: 17/04/2012

Martin Professional launches the VC Series of creative LED video, the first true video products to combine a new level of simplicity with a high level of quality. Part of the series is formed by VC-Dots, lightweight strings of individually controllable, bright Dots useful in creating customized LED video solutions with maximum artistic flexibility and a minimum of effort. 

For greater options in design and brightness, VC-Dots are available with 1, 4 or 9 LEDs per pixel (VC-Dot 1™, VC-Dot 4™ and VC-Dot 9™) and come in an RGB color mixing version or cool, medium, or warm white single color versions. They are the perfect solution for integrating LED video technology into façades, stage designs, ceilings or any other structure (indoors or out). 

Driven by Martin’s family of award-winning P3 System Controllers, this is the first family of video dots to combine an incomparable level of simplicity with such a high level of quality. Forget about complicated setups involving DMX pixelmapping, loose power supplies, tons of cabling and time-consuming addressing procedures. Mapping Martin VC-Dots via the P3 System Controller is a truly intuitive process. 

Performing at the highest level thanks to pixel-level calibration and a true video-processing engine (gamma curves, color control, synchronization and video frame rates), VC-Dots also blend perfectly in with video panels as they perform at the same level. 

The VC-Dots are supported by the P3 PowerPort 1500™, an integrated power and data processor with flexible installation options. Forget about setups involving different types of power supplies, custom cables and loose converter boxes. A single P3 PowerPort 1500 supports all products in a simple daisy-chain of hybrid cable. 

• Can assume any form for creative freedom 
• Individually controllable Dots 
• Each Dot features calibrated brightness and colors 
• Various Dot spacings available 
• Customizable string length 
• P3 or DMX controllable 
• Intuitive mapping and addressing via P3 System Controller Family 
• Efficient and long-lasting 
• Perfect for façade or stage integration 
• Supported by integrated power and data processor (P3 PowerPort 1500™) and simple cabling system

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