Akira Back Dubai, W Dubai - The Palm, Dubai, UAE


To install, commission and program Akira Back Dubai tunnel restaurant as per the design made by Delta Lighting Design; and achieve programming with a vortex effect for the restaurant entrance area at W Dubai – The Palm.


Martin Professional Middle East team used the VC-Strip 32x1 15 to create a pixel controlled LED line across the different sections of the tunnel.

Akira Back Dubai is the first restaurant in the Middle East of Michelin-Starred chef Akira Back located in W Dubai – The Palm.

The client Decolight’s requirement is to attain a vortex effect in programming for the entrance to enhance its unique style.  Martin Professional Middle East installed VC-Strip 32x1 15.  The VC-Strip family of narrow LED video strips is ideal for integration of video into stage and set designs, interiors, custom set elements and more. VC-Strips are fully pixel-level calibrated on brightness and colours for optimal uniformity and quality.

The VC-Strips were connected together to the 2 units of RDM 5.5 splitters, then to a dmXLAN node which converts dmx to Ethernet signal.  The signals were transferred via Artnet to a network switch which resides in the main control room.  The Elation Onyx PC based controller was used to create different colour changing effects for the tunnel as well as special programming for a dynamic effect that swirls from the outer side to the restaurant inner side giving the effect of a vortex.

Products Used

Martin VC-Strip 32x1 15
Martin RDM 5.5 Splitter