Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE


To provide the perfect projection mapping on the exterior of the most luxurious, most viewed and most visited hotel in Dubai, UAE.  Martin Professional Middle East was also tasked to illuminate the unique structure of the hotel.


Martin Professional Middle East installed the world’s brightest projector, Barco’s HDQ-2K40 for the video mapping and the Martin Exterior Wash 300 to light up the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah.


Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is a 300-meter high architectural marvel, an exclusive and ultra-modern hotel jutting out from the Arabian Gulf. Designed to appear as light as a sail, the hotel is unique in every way including the lighting scheme.  Known to be the only 7-star hotel in the world. 
Lighting design firm Maurice Bill Lighting Design was looking for a moving light that could be discreetly secured into the architectural Teflon skin of the 180-meter tall atrium. After a thorough search, they eventually chose 36 units of MAC 500 to produce highly dynamic light shows and project unique colour and light patterns. 
At the upper part of the atrium, the Teflon fabric of the walls allows for perfect projection. As evening begins, a dramatic sunset is projected onto the atrium’s fabric using MAC 600 wash lights. A slowly sinking sun glides across the atrium and ends by casting long shadows and an orange glowing horizon. Afterwards, an ever-changing colour wash projection and fast moving light show returns. 
All Martin lighting fixtures were supplied from Nouran Trading through Martin Professional Middle East’s agent, AMAC.
The lighting system was upgraded to Exterior Wash 300 from older installation as the Mac 500 was used in the indoor installation and not outdoor lighting.
Also, MPME supplied and installed the Barco projectors and Martin Exterior Wash 300.  The Barco projectors ensure razor-sharp, ultra-bright images, guaranteeing an unequalled event experience on every occasion.  With its 40,000 lumens light output and 2K resolution, the HDQ-2K40 displays stunning images with rich vibrant colours time after time. 
Moreover, the Exterior Wash 300’s powerful, compact and energy-efficient LED lighting fixture is designed to illuminate large structures, building facades and bridges.  This was the best choice for the requirement of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah.  It has a built-in display for ease-of-use, a wide selection of beam angles and is fully IP-rated for permanent outdoor use.
As always, there were hindrances along the way.  The access to a perfect location for the projectors was one.  MPME has to request that these projectors be installed in one of the villa's rooftops facing the Burj Al Arab.  A customized casing for the Barco projectors was created to protect the units from the humidity and temperature.

Products Used

Barco Projectors HDQ-2K40
Martin Exterior Wash 300